Thursday, January 18, 2007

Climate Marxism -- a Book Review

"Environment, Capitalism and Socialism"
Resistance Books, 23 Abercrombie St, Chippendale 2008, Australia

It is all here --

An easy read if you like light Marxism, dry but not turgid. Marxism turns out to be surprisingly compatible with Climate Change Doctrine. Or maybe not that surprisingly, but very compatible. Marx, who never owned anything, would approve.

Marxism promises a workers' paradise upon the death of Capitalism. (Not to be confused with Muslim paradise, which is to die for.) Technology is supposed to provide the paradisiacal stuff of life, but this has been a hard check to cash.

Enter Climate Change Doctrine which teaches that we ought not to want so much. Behold, we have Sustainable Paradise. Climate Marxism promises not to make the workers equally rich, but to make them want to be equally poor. And we definitely have the technology to meet that challenge, the poor part, not the wanting part.

According to Climate Marxism the workers only want to be rich because of the evil genius of, you guessed it, Capitalism. Capitalism spends untold bazillions on mind-bending advertising (tell us about it) that dupes the workers into wanting unneeded stuff. Personal comfort and security is a con game. (We doubt this but it is Marx after all and a strong dose of willful suspension of disbelief is called for, preferably administered in a strong drink.)

Marxism only promises "to each according to need," not according to want, read the fine print. So only want what you need and paradise awaits. As soon as we get rid of evil genius Capitalism and all those damned commercials (a lot to like here).

Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains, your pensions and your carbon-based lifestyles. And no more commercials.

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