Friday, October 12, 2007

Pest Pesters Peace Prize

There is a lot to like in this Nobel. First, it reinforces the (correct) public perception that global warming is a global political movement. Second, it is led by a retired politician looking for glory, a common occurrence that does not lend credibility to the cause. Gore is a liability to the Greens in many ways. We wish he would run for President. The "9 errors" British court ruling is a nice touch here.

But most of all, it certifies that the IPCC is also a political activist. We imagine this embarrasses them and it should be pushed at them. It will be interesting to see how the green press explains how "the world's leading scientists" (as they are laughingly called) can get a prize for political activism. IPCC credibility is damaged by this award.

IPCC=Gore. We love it.

The shift of the Nobel "Peace" Prize to environmental activism adds to the confusion. The Peace Prize is a hefty lefty prize. So be it.

The Washington Pest