Sunday, March 18, 2007

Markey select-a-climate committee pork lineup

Now that the lineup for the House Select-your-climate Committee is out, it is fun to see whose pork is on board. The Office of Speaker Pelosi was happy to spell it out for us. We are not making this up -- all quotes are straight from Pelosiville. (Likely recipients are Pest Best Guess in parentheses.)

Chairman Markey is "honorary Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alliance to Save Energy" (energy efficient consumer & building product makers).

Earl Blumenauer is "a vocal advocate for mass transit" (big ticket mass transit constructors and equipment makers, plus the cities that feed them).

Jay Inslee is "a prominent advocate for the New Apollo Project" (the whole breathtaking barrel -- 3 million taxpayer funded jobs worth). Inslee's New Apollo bill may be a model for the Committee's output.

John Larson is the "founder and co-chair of the House Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Coalition" (fuel cell makers
and hydrogen infrastructure manufacturers).

Hilda Solis did "pioneering work on environmental justice issues in California" (California).

Stephenie Herseth is "co-chair of the Rural Working Group which produced Energizing America: Farmers Fueling Our Nation's Energy Independence" (corn growers, ironically at the expense of pork producers).

Emanuel Cleaver is the ex-Mayor of Kansas City MO (dark horse, we are guessing cities).

John Hall was "on the Board of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater… In the 1970s, Mr. Hall co-founded Musicians United for Safe Energy MUSE" (environmental entertainment?).

Jerry McNerney "was a wind engineer and a renewable energy expert" (we are guessing wind).

No science here, just pork. Mega-billions worth of expensive efficiency and renewables.

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